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Select your bet and tell the reels to spin, 'cause baby needs a new pair of shoes!!

Can you climb the an ancient stairs towards untold riches? Come find out at the "Cleopatra's Pyramid" online video slot. She is laying in wait for you to collect the treasures, but be cautious of her nemesis, the asp, for it might get you instead! Journey to Casino Kingom and discover if you are worthy of her greatness. Your future coffers may depend on it....

How would you like to play at a casino that is very reputable and has wonderful pay-outs? We sure would, which is why we like to go to Las Vegas USA Casino. It has a large selection of slots and many variations on the classics. From "Bank on It" to "Light Speed" we definitely think this casino has something good going for it.

Let's talk about the slots at Virtual City. They're easy to download and the playing of them goes smoothly. The graphics are fairly decent and they have over 50 different slots to choose from! The hardest part then becomes choosing a favorite one so that you can focus on your winnings instead of the awesome variety they provide for you.

Even more great slots await you at Virtual City Casino. If you have a need for fun and interesting slots, they have the slots to fill that need! Try out any of their classics to video slots and we are certain that you will have found a great way to relax and watch the reels roll for a few hours. Might we suggest that you try the video slots? We definitely enjoyed those the best!

Golden Reef does it again, bringing you some fantastic slots options with amazing bonus pay-outs! We are talking about BIG money here people! Get comfy in your chair because once you start playing some of our favorite slots at this casino, you are seriously going to be a while. So clear your calendar because it is time to play at Golden Reef.

And, what would slots be without Vegas? Strike It Lucky that is. You just have to try out their latest slots. We would bet our money that you will find them as enjoyable as we did! "Big Shot" has very good graphics and the pay-outs aren't bad either. The suspense of what bonus round you will get and how much your winnings will be kept us pinned to our seats! It was hard to finally draw ourselves away, but we succeeded and are able to tell you about how much we enjoyed it now. Try it for yourself! You know you want to....