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Who Takes What?

That's a very good and important question!!

Please refer to the following table to receive the answer for it.

Remember when you do use a credit card at any of these casinos, you need to make certain that the information that you give for the card matches its billing information or you may end up having it declined.

Once you have ascertained that the information matches and it has been submitted, your deposit is instant and you can start playing one of our favorite casino games immediately!

Also, it should be noted here that some credit card companies will have a small fee or percentage rate that they will charge to your account when you use your credit card to play at casinos. Not every card company does this, so you will want to check with your individual credit card company to see if it will apply to you. Usually, the fee will not apply to prepaid cards such as VISA, MasterCard or AmEx gift cards.

Unless otherwise specified, all trasnactions within these casinos will be processed using US dollars.

The following is the only one of our casinos that allows processing in another specified currency other than US dollars.

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